Welcome to the Spring 2016 Watch Out for Fireballs! Brawler Poll! It's time to tappa tappa tappa.

We want to take a trip back to the 90's, when the majority of gaming was done in bowling alley arcades on soda-stained cabinets. But we're doing something different this time: This is not a winner take all poll. That's right, this episode will be a Split EP, featuring the top two winners that you choose. So, we will play first and second place.

You can find the poll at the very bottom of this page. I want to take some time to get you acquainted (or reacquainted) with the options before you vote. Thanks so much for backing us on Patreon. I hope you're as excited for this as we are.



Character classes, spells, experience, items, and player choice. Shadow Over Mystara does a great job of adapting the key principles of D&D to the arcade brawler format, placing an emphasis on story and branching paths.

This classic NES brawler has a lot of systems behind its simple appearance, including the ability to buy and use special moves and equipment. That, and it oozes that Kunio-kun charm.

Streets of Rage 2 takes the arcade experience and brings it to consoles, with a console-like scope. The large sprites and great soundtrack make it a memorable take on the standard formula.

This is about as classic as it gets. Konami found their formula early, and stuck with it for good. Players choose to play as one of the turtles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and go on an adventure through time, inspired by the TMNT animated series and the Secret of the Ooze movie.


Are you nice and acquainted with the options? Good. Now it's time to choose. Use the poll below to make your choice. Remember, the deadline is midnight on Thursday, March 31 (Eastern Time).

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Select the stealth game you'd like us to play this fall.

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