We're doing a live show about Punch Out!

Mark your calendars, people of the southern United States, because Watch Out for Fireballs! is coming to the Classic Game Fest in Austin, TX from July 30th to July 31st. Weekend passes are only $25.00.

Sometime last year, we created a Patreon milestone goal to get a second live show under our belts for 2016. After much searching, and with some help from the community, we arranged a show panel this summer in Austin. If you come, you'll see Gary and Kole at a booth all weekend, and be able to watch us record a live episode.

If you're only buying a ticket for one day, we're going on at 10:30AM on Sunday! We don't know the exact room yet but swing by our booth and we'll have more information. Also, if you swing by our booth, you can grab buttons and stickers. Confuse your friends with a "Down With The Crickness" button! 

Austin Hangout!


We'd love to catch a drink with you! We've reserved a spot at the patio at the Kung Fu Saloon in downtown Austin on Saturday, July 30 at 8:00 PM Central. Come get a drink, play some arcade games, and talk with network folks. We're really looking forward to meeting you.

Kung Fu Saloon Site.

510 Rio Grande

Austin, Texas 78701

Again, we'll be there at 8pm local time on Saturday, July 30.

Other Stuff

Not everything is decided just yet... Stay tuned to this page or to the Duckfeed News updates for more details and announcements about:

  • The room assignment for our show.
  • More.

We're looking forward to appearing in a new corner of the country, and meeting a whole new set of people. Thanks so much for backing our Patreon and helping us make this happen.