Proceeds go directly to Gary having a place to record and live.

Your favorite dark souls podcast, but cuter.


Hey! This is Gary from Bonfireside Chat. As some of you know, I'm in a rough spot right now. Due to a capital B bad break up, I find myself temporarily without a place to live. I'm "couch surfing" at the moment (Cowabunga, I'm in my 30s!) but I can't live that way forever.

I'm looking for a place with roommates for some time between November 1st and November 15th. Until then, I need a place to record, do research for the show, and otherwise live. Living out on "the road" is expensive, both financially and mentally. Eating out every meal, tactically planning showers, it's the pits. That's why we're running this last minute campaign. If this is successful, I will rent a temporary studio where me and Rors can play games for the show, research, and record.

I felt weird about doing this. People have offered to kick a few bucks my way but I wanted there to also be an option to get something in return. There’s also a donation button below, if you’re so inclined.

Also, because I'm paranoid, you might be asking: "Aren't you the same Gary Butterfield who just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter?" Yes, yes I am. That money isn't mine yet and it won't be until I've fulfilled all of the things I promised to do for it. I need to pay the artist, I need to make the books before I see that money.

Feel no pressure! If you want a shirt, please purchase one. If you want to donate, I thank you. If you decline both, I also thank you for reading this. The support from our community during this crisis has literally held back the tears on numerous occasions this week. Thank you.