Episode 132: Day of the Tentacle

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross experiment with Day of the Tentacle.

It's a time-hopping, interactive Looney Toon that's also LucasArts at the height of their powers... We revisit the world of Maniac Mansion to solve adventure game puzzles with the added twist of causality logic, visiting Colonial America and the distant, tentacle-run future.

Episode 121: Sanitarium

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross commit to talking about Sanitarium.

You wake up with no face, no memories, and no name. You're surrounded by people banging their heads against walls, talking about mechanical bugs and Aztec prophecies. Diagnosis? Crazy. This horror-themed adventure game is an odd duck because it's played from a bird's-eye perspective... but does it ever quite get off the ground?


Episode 111: King of Dragon Pass

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross gird their loins to battle King of Dragon Pass.

File this one under "Gem that should have gotten more attention." It's a strategy-game-meets-CYOA, but it's so much more. It's a tale of barbarians, but not in the way you'd expect. It's a fusion of narrative and systems on a level you don't really see. Do yourself a favor, listen to this episode as a beginner's guide, and buy King of Dragon Pass for your device of choice.


Episode 106: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross branch out into Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

999 is the winner of our Summer Reading poll. Considered by most to be one of the best entries in the Visual Novel(ish) genre, we take a look and see if it holds up to scrutiny. What we find is that 999 is a divisive game, leading to a classic WOFF barnburner.


Episode 94: Star Control II

Gary Butterfield, Kole Ross, and Zack Johnson open a hailing frequency to talk about Star Control II.

The Ur-Quan and their battle thralls have dominated this quadrant of the galaxy, and it's up to a human crew with some Precursor technology to reunite the Alliance of Free Stars and act as liberators. This is a game that defies categorization. Part space combat arcade game, part resource gathering, part adventure game... the larger picture of all of these pretty little parts is an engrossing world filled with varied and interesting species and civilizations, each with their own stories to tell.

This ranks really high up there on our list of favorite games we've done on the show, and we really recommend you check it out.