We create a lot of extra content for the network. It used to reside here on this page, but we decided to simplify matterns and make it all part of our Patreon campaign. All you need to do is pledge $10, and you'll get more than 100 hours of additional content as part of what we call "the firehose".

If you are looking for shirts, mugs, etc, please use this link.

This is our second charity bundle of shows! Listen in for 13 episodes (14 hours) of Duckfeed content to benefit three awesome charities. 100% of the proceeds will go to the charities. The base price is $10, but we encourage you to give more if you can.

You can also buy the Diggity Duck Bundle 1 here.

Gary's Books

Note: Souls of Darkness and the Complete Collection are temporarily out of stock.