Duckfeed Update: April 29, 2016

Watch Out for Fireballs! Live in Austin

Gary and Kole will be in Austin for the Classic Game Fest from July 30 to 31. We'll have a table set up all weekend, and we're performing a live episode of the show! Keep your eye on the page for the show for further details and dates. We'll include more information in these updates, too.

Adaptation Decay is Live!

A while back, we promised new premium content for our highest tier backers. The first of those shows is now live... "Adaptation Decay", our show about botched video game adaptations, got its first episode about the 2002 Resident Evil movie. Is it insulting and terrible? YUP!

Monster in My Podcast is Funded

Just today, we crossed the $3000 per month milestone goal. This is HUGE for us. We can't thank you enough. We're most excited about this launching our newest show: "Monster in My Podcast". The first episode will go live for the public on Monday, but backers at the Early Release level can get the first week's worth of episodes TODAY! This is a fun show, and we really hope you enjoy it.

Recent Releases:

Upcoming WOFF! Games:

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara / Turtles in Time.
  • Oregon Trail / Typing of the Dead.
  • Fallout: New Vegas.

Upcoming Bonfireside Chat Episodes:

  • High Wall of Lothric.
  • Undead Settlement.