Duckfeed Update: April 22, 2016

You're Number 1

Last Sunday, we dropped the Dark Souls III First Impressions episode of Bonfireside Chat. We anticipated a surge in downloads and attention. That's how it worked in the past. What we didn't expect was for that episode to rapidly outpace anything else we've ever published in download numbers and shares. Also, never in a million years did we think that we would (even briefly) sit at the #1 spot in Video Games on iTunes. But it happened, thanks to your kind iTunes reviews/ratings, and your enthusiastic hyping of the show and the network.

Our stint at #1 was brief. Probably only about 16 hours. But it's a huge feather in our cap, and we're looking forward to bringing more folks into the community with this extra visibility.

Dark Souls III and Early Release

Anyone who is impatient for the "proper" start of our Dark Souls III season should turn their attention to our Patreon campaign. Backers at the $3 per month and up level can get episodes of all of our shows early, and Sunday's episode just became available today (Friday). Scroll back in the posts a little bit to see the reminder of how to get ahold of this audio. Thanks to everyone who has taken the plunge so far!

Recent Releases

Upcoming WOFF! Games:

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara / Turtles in Time.
  • Oregon Trail / Typing of the Dead.
  • Fallout: New Vegas.

Upcoming Bonfireside Chat Episodes:

  • The tutorial area and the hub area.
  • The first main area of the game.
  • Eventually location name spoilers will go here. Sorry.