Duckfeed Update: April 15, 2016

New Tiers, New Shows

This is an important day for the network. We've decided to pitch some new shows to you, and add new Milestone Goals to our Patreon campaign. Here's the rundown of the new stuff.

  • $3,000 per month: Monster in My Podcast. Gary and Kole will do a thrice-weekly short form podcast churning through the entirety of the Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Monster Manuals.
  • $3,500 per month: Days of Future Cast. Gary Butterfield and Jeremy Greer will do a loving and comedic takedown of the X-Men and the ridiculous X-Men animated television series from the 90's.
  • $4,000 per month: Radio Free Midworld. Kole and a rotating cast of community members will do a chapter-by-chapter book club of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
  • $4,500 per month: Let's Talk About the Passion. Gary and Kole will do an album-by-album analysis show of the total R.E.M. discography, including notable live performances and soundtracks.
  • $8,000 per month: The Crystal Chronicles. This is a big one! Would you be excited to hear Gary and Kole do a Bonfireside Chat-esque podcast about the entire Final Fantasy series? Then help us get to this goal.
  • $10,000 per month: Living Off of This. This is a rough estimate, but this is the amount of money we'd need to pull in from our Patreon, per month, in order for Gary and Kole to quit their jobs and start podcasting full-time.

That's a lot of new content, but we've been sitting on it for a while. We will be releasing pilots for these new shows intermittently, and some of the shows might be on a slow trickle even if we don't reach the goals right away. Hitting these goals will let us justify doing these shows instead of looking for regular, respectable work. We thank you for your generosity so far, and we're excited for the future.

The Pitch: Uploaded

Now would be a good time to re-subscribe to The Pitch. Also, you should listen to this trailer for The Pitch: Uploaded. Just sayin'.

Abject Suffrage for April

The polls are open for our next episode of Exquisite Suffering. If you're a $6+ Patreon backer, you can foist one of the following games upon us:

  • Coca Cola Kid (Game Gear)
  • Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman
  • Sk├╝ljagger: Revolt of the Westicans (SNES)
  • Street Fighter: The Movie (PSX)

Kole guested on Video Games Hot Dog

We here at the network are big fans of the Video Games Hot Dog folks, and I was honored to join them for episode #237: "The Duke Boys". You can catch a short discussion of Dark Souls III before we break to talk about Samarost 3. Thanks again to Zack, Riff, and Kevin for letting my laughy-ass on the show.

Recent Releases:

Upcoming WOFF! Games:

  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara / Turtles in Time.
  • Oregon Trail / Typing of the Dead.
  • Fallout: New Vegas.

Upcoming Bonfireside Chats:

  • Dark Souls III First Impressions.
  • The tutorial area, and the hub world.