Duckfeed Update: April 8, 2016

WOFF! Brawler Poll Winners

We had a record turnout of Patreon backers who voted to determine which games we'll cover for the brawler episode of Watch Out for Fireballs!. Our winners were Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. We've already planned our next poll, which will happen sometime in the early summer. Thanks for helping shape our lineup!

Kole Plays Until Dawn

My new let's play series started this week, as I do a blind stream of Until Dawn. It's streaming live, intermittently, on our Twitch channel and being archived at this YouTube playlist. Come watch me be responsible for teens getting hurt real bad!

Retro Game Audio

Gary made a guest appearance on Retro Game Audio to talk about the music of Maniac Mansion. While you're at it, start off your weekend right by just keeping the MM soundtrack on repeat. You could make worse decisions today.

Recent Releases:

  • Check It Out, Comrade! 56: Pony Island / 20XX. This week's a vacation for the Comrades, discussing two short and breezy games about tiny demonic horses and indeterminate years.
  • Bonfireside Chat 88: Shadow Tower Abyss (Part 2). The back half of Shadow Tower Abyss has some of the best and most imaginative imagery of the entire From/Souls catalog. Listen to us visualize it for you.
  • Abject Suffering 135: Duke Nukem Forever. It's tough to cover infamous games for the show. They carry so much baggage that you risk repeating what everyone else has said before. Imagine our surprise, delight, and dismay when we found out that Duke Nukem Forever is vile and boring in new and exciting ways.
  • Teenage Dirtbags: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. The Dirtboys settle in to talk about a cyborg teenager with spring arms who sprints through a tunnel to watch a man take nasty rips off of a Bow Bow vape tube.
  • Watch Out for Fireballs! 125: Portal / Portal 2. We jokingly call the foil cover episodes of WOFF! "Perfect Game Episodes". Previous alumni of this club are Earthbound, Castlevania III, and Super Metroid. Our rundown of the Portal series confirms our suspicion: This is about as good as games get.
  • The Level 145: Fiber Wire Bribe. Despite the title, we don't talk about the new Hitman. Instead, we chat up a card/board game hybrid called Faeria and ask the community about free-to-play games.

Upcoming WOFF! Games:

  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara / Turtles in Time.
  • Oregon Trail / Typing of the Dead.
  • Fallout: New Vegas.