WOFFTRAX: Part 1 Released


Here's a cool little Kickstarter-related announcement: The first episode of WOFFTRAX  is now available!

This takes a little explaining.

The beginning of each episode of Watch Out for Fireballs!  contains a little sketch/radio play/"skebbit". These are generally divisive, but also really fun to make. Gary and I decided that there was something to say about these sketches and the work that goes into making them, so we came up with the idea of a commentary show.

Here are the ground rules. Roughly once a quarter, we will release a premium episode of WOFFTRAX  discussing twelve (12) of the sketches that prepend each episode of our show. We'll also do a little documentary bit about the creation of the show in general. This episode, we talk about the show's origins. We'll put these up on our store for $2.50, and you can enjoy them as you see fit.

People who backed our Kickstarter at-or-above a certain level have received the first episode free. People who backed at-or-above a higher level get a lifetime subscription. You know if this applies to you.

We're interested in hearing what you think of this. Head on over to the Contact Page if you have any thoughts. 

IMPORTANT: Since we made Abject Suffering free for all, anyone who bought the app up to this point will receive the first WOFFTRAX. Go to your app and check the episodes, and it will be available to you. Namaste.