A Fan Video, "Coke Fuck You"

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.39.54 PM.png

It's always fun when you experience a creative "first". We've had a few here. First episodes are great. I like it when the first hardcore fan comes through. Your first piece of fan mail. The first dollar you make... on down the line.

A show here on the network, The Pitch, just got a fan video. That's a first for all of us... and it helps that it's really really funny.

It's a video that acts as a proof of concept for the product philosophies espoused in episode 9 of Gary and Brayon's program, entitled "Pepsi Excuse Me", which asks how much different the world would be if our beverages could talk.

This video was masterfully created by Mike Taylor, of Silo and Sky Radio, which is an internet radio station (something that is near and dear ot my heart). I ask that you check them out, it's worth it.