WOFF! Live-Show and Kickstarter Update

2013-09-25 00.24.38.jpg

This update is for anyone who is interested in WOFF!, the WOFF! live show, the WOFF! kickstarter, or WOFF! merchandise.


We're less than 5 days from our live show at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. We couldn't have gotten here without you. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, both Gary and I really encourage you to come out. We'll have a booth set up on the exhibition floor, and we are performing live at 1:30pm on Saturday in Auditorium B. Then stick around afterward to see The Retronauts.

Physical Backer Goods

We're rolling out all of our physical backer goods. Some of you have probably already received them. Here's the schedule for what's being sent out when.

  • If you are a domestic backer who pledged for the Button, the Fun-Pak, or the Poster, I sent all of those out to you on Friday, September 27.
  • Backers who pledged at-or-above the t-shirt level will get their t-shirts, magnets, and fun-paks in mid-October.
  • Due to the process involved in shipping stuff internationally, anything that is being shipped outside of the US will go out in mid-to-late October after the dust settles from the live show.

Thanks for your patience as we get all of our stuff together. We wanted to source high-quality physical goods, and I'm very happy with how everything turned out.

Super Mario Lab: The Stoic Club

Gary has been hard at work all summer composing his first Mario Paint album, "Super Mario Lab: The Stoic Club". It's a tremendous, featuring 50 tracks intended to be played on shuffle. Also, one of the songs is a ~10 minute long prog-rock epic. If you backed above a certain level, then Gary will be reaching out to deliver your copy electronically.

If you feel like you're missing out because you didn't back that level, it's available on our store. Also, there is a limited edition physical version for sale. It's got bonus tracks! Get it while it's hot!

That's about it.

That's about it for this update. Once again, both Gary and I appreciate your continued support. I'm nervous and excited about PRGE and the live show. Expect updates on all the usual channels.