Welcome to Dead Idea Valhalla


Podcasting and Narcissism

It comes through the cracks every once in a while, but podcasting takes a requisite ambient level of self importance. Inherent in the design of this is the question: "Why the hell should I listen to you!?", and that's a tough one to respond to.

So, we hide behind genre work. "I make comedy", or "I talk about video games". But the question still remains.

Every Night When I Lay Down My Head

When I first heard Dead Idea Valhalla during the abortive attempt to create a Something Awful podcast network, I was astonished at how brave he was. He flew solo, told incredibly personal stories, and his sketches/music approached Tim and Eric-ian levels of quality. It was DIV that made me want to work with Gary on Watch Out for Fireballs!.

It was unfortunate that, shortly thereafter, Dead Idea Valhalla fell into disrepair, for reasons that Gary is incredibly open about. I felt bad, like working on WOFF! kept him from doing this thing he obviously loved. What's worse, there was no way for anyone to get these old episodes.


So, with that eulogy (pre-eulogy?), I am proud to announce the introduction of Dead Idea Valhalla to the Duckfeed.tv network.

Here's how it works: Gary has recorded a full-length Episode Zero that is already on the Feed. This explains where we left off, and gives you a primer into what to expect. Also, it has me doing a bad Howard Hughes/Robert Evans impression.

After that, each Monday, we will release an episode from the back catalogue of Dead Idea Valhalla for you to enjoy, all over again.

When new content is produced, it will pre-empt whatever was to come next. This new content is being published under the tentative label of "Neo Dead IDea Valhalla Tokyo Drift".

Get on It

So, use the fancy buttons up top, or click this funny word, to go to the main page and subscribe/listen/explore.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as I do. It's impenetrable and kind of gross, but you wouldn't be here if that wasn't kind of your thing.

It should be up on iTunes shortly.