Watch Out for Fireballs! Anniversary Episode

So, It's Come to This

So, it's come to this. A Watch Out for Fireballs! Anniversary Episode.

That's right, we've been doing this for a year. That's 26 episodes (not even counting the Extrasodes!).

You might have heard us mulling this over on the most recent episodes, but we want you to be a part of this.

That's why you should call us at 419-834-WOFF or email us at and wish us well (or let us know what you think!) on the auspicious occasion for our show.

We will most likely (definitely) play/read your response on the air. That's how much we love you. But, what else will we be doing for our Anniversary Episode?

Bad Game Challenge

It's come to our attention that our most popular episodes are those which center around games which are... quality challenged. I.E. Not Good. As such, we've sought out the NES games which are the worst (bad) and challenged each other to play them for YOUR! amusement.

Bad Street Brawler


Gary has challenged Kole to play Bad Street Brawler, a game which was designed for the Nintendo Power Glove (SO BAD!) and features a Duke Nukem wannabe. Can Kole suffer through it?

Time Lord

Kole has challenged Gary to play Time Lord, an early effordt by Rare to make a side-scrolling isometric beat-em-up that spans medieval times to the distant future... but you'll most likely just see the invincible dragon.


Retraux Games

It's no secret that everything old is new again. Thus, the inexeplicable popularity of this retro games podcast.

Games that ape or tap into the style of older video games are all the rage, and reducing the number of pixels in your title is a surefire way to engender the love of everone on the entire world. That's why we're talking about these games.

Retro Games Challenge (Game Center CX)

Can I use the word paean? Because that's what this is. Crossing every 80's genre from space shooter to dungeon crawler, Retro Games Challenge embodies pretty much everything we're about. And by "everything", I mean "being a kid and sitting on the carpet while playing low-fi games on a 13" screen." Also, game magazines and school yard cheat codes. Expect us to gush about this forever and ever, and buy it on Amazon while you're at it.

Sword and Sworcery EP

Yeah, it's pretentious. But, then, Kole recommended we talk about it. It's to be expected.

It's got an 8 bit aesthetic with a wry sense of adventure game humor. Less a game and more of an audio/visual experiment gone awry... It's classic design colided against modern touch input and Super Punch Out combat. Let's survive this woeful errand together.


Transient Game Experiences

There will always be re-releases and emulation, but there are certain online-only games that change forever. Your memory of them is frozen in time with how it was at the exact month and year that you were all about it. Here are two games that remain popular, but you still can't go home again.


Team Fortress Classic

Heavy? Medic? Spy? If you immediately identify with any of these, then you've played Team Fortress. Both Gary and Kole have played in clans, or in some other form of structured Team Fortress play. We'll likely reminisce for ages about 2Fort and Well, and all of that kind of stuff. An amazing game, whether you're playing TF2 or TFC. All other shooters be damned.


Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) (MuhMohrPuhGuhs) are a staple of modern PC gaming, but it all began with EverQuest (or, more properly, Ultima Online, but let's pretend). Gary didn't like it, but Kole forewent all of his Middle School socializing in favor of playing EQ... Time he will never get back, and time that Gary wish he HAD back.

There's a reason why MMORPGs have evolved. Yet, like a mosquito in the amber, EQ has remained relatively unchained. Expect one half of WOFF! to reminisce gushingly, and the other half to slam them back to earth.


Grab Bag Old Games

We leave this section here so you don't know what we're going to do. There are so many old games that we're going to throw them in, or leave them un-commented upon. Maybe we'll use this time to talk about how great this show is. You will never know until you listen.


So, you have read all of this and are AMPED about what we will do for our Anniversary Episode. Call in with your thoughts (419-864-WOFF) or email us at

We have huge plans for this next year, and it's all thanks to you.

This whole show is thanks to a tweet exchange between Gary and Kole one summer one year ago. It's grown into the seeds od an empire, and we can't blame you enough. If you have thoughts on the games we mentioned above, it's your perogative to chime in.

Watch out for fireballs, and watch out for great podcasts, and watch out for great fans.