DuckStream 2018

December 14th, 15th, and 16th.

A 48 hour charity live stream to benefit



There are two ways to donate this year, Easy and Expert.

Easy Donation is done through PayPal and will show up on the stream total immediately. Use this if you don't itemize your taxes, or are putting in a small amount as a joke donation. All proceeds still go directly to TransActive.

Expert Donation is new this year. It's for people who itemize their taxes and want to deduct their donations. It's also for people who don't use PayPal and instead would rather use their credit card. The funds are being collected by Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, in partnership with TransActive.

There are some extra steps! Do these so your donation can be counted as part of the stream total.

  1. Forward your donation receipt to (look for it in your spam folder, it went there for me).
  2. Include your Twitch name and your message.

We have to add these manually, so have some patience as we do them in batches. Please take these extra steps, so we can keep track of how close we are to our goal.

All proceeds from this shirt design (or you can put it on a hoodie, or a mug, or a laptop bag...) will be lumped in with the final total given over to TransActive.

Payments served securely with PayPal. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Transactive Gender Center based out of Portland, OR.

Hello again! We're excited to announce our fourth annual DuckStream charity event. Join us as we play games for 48 hours to benefit the Transactive Gender Center in Portland, OR.



  • People who donate $30 dollars or more during the first 12 hours of Duckstream West can include an item with their donation read and Will and/or Gary will try to beat Isaac with those items! Give us garbage! Make wacky combinations!

  • $100 and up during Duckstream West can dictate an episode of Teenage Dirtbags!

  • The first $250 and up donations during Duckstream West get a Heroes of Lordran figure! If you want me, Gary Butterfield, you know, of Bonfireside Chat, Upper Souls Community, to sign it, I will!

Shift 1: Duckfeed West

Friday, December 14th starting at 6pm Pacific

  • 6PM Live Days of Future Cast Presents: Wolverine 2: The Wolverine

  • 8PM Brayton plays Bloodlines for the first time!

  • 10PM Jackbox Block! We play the best game from each entry

  • 12AM Terrible Fighting Game Tournement, including blind street fighter
  • 2AM Nick dying a lot in Celeste and explaining Exopunks!
  • 4AM VR Block? Smash Bros block?
  • 6AM The Pitch! Teenage Dirtbags! Choose Your Illusion!
  • 8AM Gary playing through all the MacVenture titles on NES!
  • 10AM Multiplayer! Overcooked! Chicken Horse! Duck Game! Gang Beasts! Party Golf! Tetris!
  • 12PM The Guppy Block: Viewers can donate to force items on players! We play with mods that Nick set up that we don't know about!
  • 2PM Will plays Cuphead, totally tired and miserable, and something bad happens to him every time he dies!
  • 4PM More multiplayer nonsense!

Between segments, we'll be doing live table reads of video game scripts from dumbass games like Indigo Prophecy and A Way Out. Donation incentives to come!

SCHEDULE. Subject to Change. Minor delays and set up times to be expected.

Shift 2: Duckfeed East

Saturday, December 15th starting at 6pm Pacific


For the fifth year in a row, Kole will be playing a horror game. This time, returning to an old favorite: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Come witness the jank for yourself!

This will be mixed in with Jackbox sessions, and ABJECT SUFFERING FLASHBACKS.

A sad note: Kole has a cat now, so confetti cannons are a no-go.

From 4am Pacific to 10am Pacific on Sunday, Kole will be taking a sleep break. So we've called in some ringers! Stay tuned for those blocks to see Jeremy Greer, Allison Baker, and Ben Merkel stream!

All proceeds go to Transactive. Transactive provides a holistic range of services to empower transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth and their families.

See it all at and donate here!

We'll be updating this page with announcements and donation incentives. Dig deep friends, it's important.