Heartbeat City: Pilot

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Heartbeat City. Hosted by Cozy Snugglefield, each episode will feature your calls, your romantic questions, and hopefully some helpful advice. This episode features guest co-host Kole Ross, who could not think of an alternate name that matched the theme of the show.

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Radio Free Mid-World: Pilot

It's time for a new pilot! Radio Free Mid-World is a show we'd love to do, and we need your help. It's a close reading of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, with a rotating discussion panel. To do this show, we need to hit our next milestone goal on our Patreon.. So listen to this episode and decide if you'd like to hear more.

For the pilot episode, Kole Ross is joined by Jeremy Greer, Murph Murphy, and Evan Jones Thorne to discuss the first chapter of The Gunslinger, specifically entitled "The Battle of Tull". If you're curious, we're covering the 2003 revision that brings the first book in line with the rest of the series.

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