Episode 89: A Sidewalk for the Air

Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about courage under duress, the last circus, and routines.

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This podcast is extremely NSFW (not safe for work). You have been cautioned.

Suggested Talking Points:

Cinder block rights. Corn maize. Kris's basement disaster. Missing adults. Two cars in every garage, and a chicken in every mailbox. Fois gras on a toothpick. A dangerous paraplegic with a pen. Natural Hunka Kaboomski. The Nine Ring Circus, and inadvertent juggalo fanfic. Craigslist: Manbaby for Unwilling Mommy. Sifl and Olly are back. Why Kole doesn't use handrails. Girls can't throw. Born on the NASCAR circuit. Pete and Pete Style. The sound and the fury of sexing at gunpoint in a moving car after a fistfight and a crash. The McRib is not back.