Episode 88: Has Anybody Here Seen Wally?

Excuse the audio quality in this week's episode. We couldn't record, so we had to dig up a lost episode. We did the best we could. Sorry.

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This podcast is extremely NSFW (not safe for work). You have been cautioned.

Suggested Talking Points:

The lost. 86. A spoiled little emperor. How pandas piss. Terminally awesome. Indian giving. Looking for myself. Has Anybody Here Seen Wally? Rockapella. I thank God for this assault. Timmy Planked Grandma. Smokin hot ladies. Circumcision freakonomics. Your name is assault, little kid. Deaf mom. Quit playing with your clay and stop Hologram Nixon. THE SCIENCE ZONE: Binge drinking in college is fun. Your product broke my dick.