Episode 33: Amazing Larry


Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about our sick society, rubicons, and sexpresso.

Suggested Talking Points:
Podcast defense system. Props to the homebrew. Why not, let’s talk about gay marriage. Family friendly prison uniforms. World War II vet marries for first time (Tuesdays with Hoary). Wrong (magic) dentures. Notable Quotables: Reagan. Mormon Apocalypse Horde. We’ve banned Russia. Kole’s Self Esteem Minute. Can’t compliment a lady on her looks. Holy Shit There’s a Hornet. All bets are off with crack. Carmen Sandiego is banging Waldo. Indian farmer woman crosses the rubicon. Quiz: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Trivia. Dabbling in eugenics.Yoga bathroom peeper. Zumbaga. Moral Guardians vs. Sexpresso. T-Shirt Code. Cat burglar. Doggy DNA. Mr. Givemespit. Hank Hill is a high-functioning autistic. Kris’s Self Esteem Minute.

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