Episode 32: Disgruntled Ham Shopper


Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about trash, the Amish, and food science.

Suggested Talking Points:
Repetition. Trash Goose. Trash Dad. Fake baby panhandling. Bath Salts Home Invader. Dayton bans panhandling signs. Swedish sailor forgets wife, calls cops. Wreckless disregard, sexing while driving drunk. Henry Rollins and lunch meat thickness. Disgruntled Ham Shopper. Notable Quotables: Jaleel White. Oxycontin for Kids. Amish sexting. Amish teens on Facebook. Credenzakiah. German insurance prostitution orgy. Principal spanking, and one to grow on. Kole’s self esteem minute. Japanese shit meat. Frontier Airlines: Go Be Paralyzed Somewhere Else. The Science Zone: Star Water. Shotgun finger surgery. Arrest me, I need medical attention.

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