Episode 122: Sympathy


Kole and Ben talk about the Mega Man Legends cancelation, the Humble Indie Bundle 3, and which games we evangelize.

Quick Hits

  • Capcom cancels Mega Man Legends 3.
  • Humble Indie Bundle 3.
  • GameCube games on WiiWare?

What’cha Been Playin’?

  • Ben: Modern Warfare 2, Duke Nukem Forever (Demo), Catherine (Demo), Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Kole: Shadow of the Colossus, ‘Splosion Man, Final Fantasy XII.

What’s on Your Mind?

  • The games we evangelize.

This week’s music is “Snowfall on Forbidden Lands,” created by celli and sephire at OCRemix.org.