10. Greasy Tasty

Greasy and tasty!

Greasy and tasty!

There are only a couple episodes I think are relatively uninspired and this is one of them. Why didn't I title this episode starchy wad? Anyway, I'm not crazy about the first half of this episode. I have some barely informed opinions about food science, some of which I stand by, some of which I don't, especially in relation to my current dietary restrictions. Time makes fools of us all!

The song is from a little EP that I did, one of the first things I recorded while living in Portland and I'm a big fan.

The second bit is probably going age really poorly and might be a little hard to follow. My wife at the time was watching a whole lot of Miami Ink and L.A. Ink, which I think is more or less bunko, even by the standards of reality TV. And I'll watch some reality TV, as long as it contains treasure hunting of some kind. But these shows bugged me with it's thuggish attitude and obnoxious characters. Further, the rotating cast of people looking to get tattoos were selected based on how sentimental and tear jerky their ideas were. So, I threw together a bunch of characters into a sort of beerslam: Behehehndrehndehendehenen Ink.

Most of the shop characters don't appear again, probably because I felt uncomfortable about doing foreign accents. I did, however, draw a picture of Mutaro that is terrifying.

7. El Debarge with Bears

Feeling Brave Tonight?

Feeling Brave Tonight?

One of my all time favorites.

The first part contains some whining, complaining and ranting.

The song in the middle is something I'm pretty proud of and that I'm unable to remember how to play, which is ridiculous, but it's true.

The real meat though, is the end bit, an extended reference to this.

I enlisted some friends to work on this segment, which would eventually becoming a recurring character. The entire saga is eventually collected but for now, it's just me, my friends Jon Wolff (Gatorboy) and Derek Hayes.

4: The Tyranny of Literacy

Looks innocent but know that only misery lives here.

Looks innocent but know that only misery lives here.

Merry Christmas! I arranged a Christmas version of the song! This show was weekly! I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn or to belabor the point but man, the time this thing would take, I tells ya. It's almost as if someone making it wouldn't have time for healthy relationships!

This marks the beginning of the "around a half hour" length but I remember promoting it as double length. In my experience, podcasts end up about double what you anticipate. Luckily, length bloat went no further than that.

The misery here is real and the stories are real.

The 2nd bit doesn't quite come together as well as I thought it would but Dr. Sbaitso remains a pleasure.

Oh, and this is the first appearance of the whiny outro. I realize it sucks eventually, trust me!