9. Parenting

Look how happy they are.

Look how happy they are.

This is largely considered to be a good starting episode for the show! Listening back, I wish I had better mic technique and didn't say "you know" as much. I think one reason I'm constantly stumbling in my words is because the subject matter is so personal. I'm comfortable sharing but it's still hard to talk about sometimes.

The first half is maybe the first time I've gotten really personal but it was important for me to not be cagey. I think at a certain point, you realize that hey, this is your life, there's no use pretending anything didn't happen. However, I might just be saying that because it hasn't fucked me just yet. Will this episode stop me from getting a job at some point? Probably!

The song is from a brief solo project and is short and poppy.

The end bit is probably why this episode is so well thought of. It's one of the first really produced things I've done, it introduces a character I'd go on to use, and it's batshit insanity was at least somewhat natural. The Brain Camp sketch was inspired by a note I wrote to myself that said, I shit you not, "paint turtles on breasts to keep kid away." It's also inspired by the absolute terror of live action ninja turtles as featured in the We Wish You A Turtle Christmas video. I had a serious laughing fit with my friends Brayton (of The Pitch) and Jeremy after watching this nonsense. Check it out!

Oh, and this is the premeire of the ending theme song that I was always pretty proud of.