Watch Out for Fireballs! App and "Abject Suffering"

UPDATE: We love you so much that we've decided to up the game, and bring out TWO episodes of Abject Suffering per month. So, you'll really really want to buy this app.

You're a big fan of Watch Out for Fireballs!. You subscribe in your podcast app of choice, or download directly from the site, or compel a friend to summarize every episode for you. However, you wish there was more. We get it.

Which is why we have introduced the Watch Out for Fireballs! App, which is distributed in a partnership with the company that hosts our show. It's available for iOS right now, and will be available for Android soon.

For a scant $1.99, you get access to every episode of our show, anytime, anywhere. It does all that streaming jazz you want, you can favorite episodes, email us or call the voicemail... everything. (See the bottom of this post for info on how to get access to this app)

Now, you may be thinking "Wait, I can get your show for free! Why would I pay $2, you dingus?"

Well, we anticipated that.

Instead of making the Extrasodes paid bonus content, we've decided to start a WHOLE NEW SHOW that will be exclusive to the app for some time.

We call it Abject Suffering with Gary and Kole.

Think of it like our YouTube channel, where we do let's plays of old games, good and bad. Except this time, it's a comedic audio program where we sit down each month, and play as much as we can possibly bear... then drain the bile in a ~30 minute-long therapy session.

Most importantly, we want YOU to suggest the games that we play. Think of it as your way to get your revenge on us... for... something. To do this, go to the Watch Out for Fireballs! page, and you'll find a module that lets you suggest your games there. Hit us with your best (or worst) shot.

This will be available to those who have purchased the app, released on the occasion of any given WOFF! episode release. It will remain exclusive to the app for a good long while, with the possibility of being released to the public at large much later.

So, incentive! It's an exciting time for the show, and we really hope that you love the app (and Abject Suffering). Please contact us if you can think of any way to improve the app, and we will be receptive to your cries.

How to Download the App on iOS

  1. Download The Podcast Box.
  2. Search for "Watch Out for Fireballs!"
  3. Purchase the App.
  4. Enjoy!