Interlude: Baldur's Gate

I’m really enjoying my time with Baldur’s Gate right now. I’ve cleared out the western side of the Sword Coast and am getting ready to attack the bandits’ camp led by Tazok. I have Tutu installed so I could progress directly on to Baldur’s Gate 2… but I have other plans. I look forward to revealing what they are as soon as I get closer to finishing this game, I think once I actually get to the city of Baldur’s Gate would be a good time.

What I really love while playing is the ingenious combination of turn based and real time combat that lets the action be paused at any time so that I can give orders quickly and efficiently. I am, by no means, a dexterous player anymore since I quit playing FPS games competitively online, so having this option is great. I’m also quite bad at maximizing the spell potential in the game so it’s very challenging at the normal skill level. People who can beat Baldur’s Gate on the highest difficulty and still find it so easy that they need to install further difficulty mods amaze me. I’ll just stick with the default.

Anyway, sorry for the delay, but I’m having a good time with Baldur’s Gate and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup when I have less time to play. I may do a write up on that in the future. Thanks for sticking with me.

--Backlog Killer