Abandoning Britannia... for now.

As you may have gathered from my previous pessimistic posts, I will not be continuing with Ultima V at this time. I don’t like to quit games in the middle but my reasons are very clear:

1          1)      I’ve spent more than 8 hours playing and have gotten nowhere.
2          2)      I’m not having fun playing.
3          3)      I started Baldur’s Gate and I am having a blast.

Even though I don’t need to justify for anyone, I’ll just clarify that I was very excited about Ultima 5 and just steadily lost interest as I played and got frustrated. Playing Baldur’s Gate came in naturally since I didn’t want to play Ultima and heard that friend of the blog, Gary of Watch Out for Fireballs, was playing the enhanced edition and thought “Gee, I haven’t played that for six or seven years” so I put it on and just fell right back in.

This isn’t to say that I am giving up on Ultima forever, far from it. It takes up so little space on the hard drive that I’ll just leave it on there and probably dip in every once in a while to see if it takes. But, for now, it will remain shelved and ready for the future. Sorry for any disappointment, but I’m getting ready to go investigate the Cloakwood Forest for Tazok and his minions.

I’m not sure what the next game will be, but it will come to me and I’m thinking it probably will not be an RPG since I have been overdosing a little bit. Stay tuned since I’m sure I will also have a few things to say about my experience playing Baldur’s Gate (1/2 together using Tutu!). Stay tuned.

--Backlog Killer