Current Events Rules

Folks, we are bringing back #currentevents. This is both to provide a place to discuss the issues of the day and also to keep such discussion out of #life.

We put the channel on hiatus because we were having problems with it. We're taking a different approach with it this go around, and it's important that you read this carefully if you plan to participate.

Participation in #currentevents is a privilege. There's a set of rules that we've come up with and they'll be enforced more strictly than in other channels. If you break one of these rules, we'll kick you from the channel. If you then rejoin the channel, we'll kick you from the slack. So, please know, that participation in that channel means agreeing to abide by these rules.

Don’t “No Content” post. This means posting a link without commentary. We’re trying to cut down on link spam. If you post something, say something about it. The idea behind posting it should be that there can be conversation around it. Initiate that conversation.

Look Before Linking. Don’t post links remotely from other apps without checking Slack first. If you have a link you want to bring to the group, check and make sure you’re not interrupting an ongoing conversation before pasting it.

Use Content Warnings for Sensitive Material. When it doubt, err on the side of caution.

No “All” Statements. Keep in mind that the slack is a large community, with many different view points. You might be pissed and want to post “All liberals are trash” or “All republicans are vampires.” Don’t do this. It’s not constructive and it’s easy for someone to feel attacked by it.

In other words: “I can’t believe the DNC did this. I think it’s a shitty move because _” is OK. “Democrats are fucking trash” is not.

Don’t Fight. If you’re getting heated or feeling pissed at someone else in the community, it’s OK to just walk away from the screen.

No Personal Attacks.

No Source Shaming. Discuss the content of a link or article, not the source.

No Importing Drama From Other Online Communities.

Do Not Argue With Mods. If a mod tells you to take it down a notch, or take a break, in the interest of preventing the room from turning toxic, respect that.

If you have any questions, DM me directly. If someone is being a jerk to you in #currentevents, DM myself, or use the reporting system.

It's rough out there, and emotions run high but that doesn't mean we're not dedicated to having a healthy, respectful community. It is fine and good to disagree, but on our slack, we're going to ask you to do so kindly and respectfully.