Episode 42: The International Tickle Me Elmo Spirit Award


Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about new equipment, old people, and taxation.

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This podcast is extremely NSFW (not safe for work). You have been cautioned.

Suggested Talking Points:
A bear named burden. New equipment and the Tickle Me Elmo Spirit Award. A sandbox for adults, a playground for adults. Vampire Cruise. Boom box ruins days. Also, round bombs? The deadliest jobs. New Texas speed limit leads to time travel. AARP’s list of do-not-do’s. Panty road. Crossbow attack. Katana attack, and cereal buzz marketing. Excuse me, sir, this iPad is a block of wood. Alkaline hydrolysis. Bank of America harasses grieving woman. A dissertation on smurf society. U mad, bro? The no-helmet league. Runaway clown in a stolen golf cart. Tax the prostitutes. Defriendant. Blue-balling Beetlejuice.