Episode 23: Nautical by Nature


Wherein those damn Ross kids get serious about human life, the elderly, and Sesame Street.

Suggested Talking Points:
Sweat Lodge. Submarine Races and Nautical by Nature.* Drunk Toddlers. Reverse custody battle. What is a human life worth. Florida has a government? A frank discussion about abortion. Why should PETA neuter you? Walking your dog, driving your dog. Won’t kiss me? I’ll shoot you. Eagle attacks dog. The Lord is in a Cuyahoga county jail. Cropdusting Pakistan with Tickle Me Elmos. Spot the Fake Mental Disorder. Anonymous slander site. WWII Spyjinks. Pig cosmetic surgery and the ten yard taint. The Cincinnati Cow. He maced a tiny baby squirrel. The Great Urine Heist. Blood Perfume.

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