Episode 20: The Imagined Smell


Wherein those damn Ross kids whine about bacon, huffing, and the Truman Show Delusion.

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This podcast is extremely NSFW (not safe for work). You have been cautioned.

Suggested Talking Points:
Inspirationcast. Bacon products. Woman hit twice in same intersection. House set on fire twice in the same day. Inventors who were buried in their inventions. Kole spills his beer. Haircuts and gun permits. Sexy babies. Ms. San Antonio ate too many tacos. The Smut List. There is no verb associated with Facebook. Grandma gets a toilet paper holder lodged in her neck. Adults are huffing more. Condom and receipt found in milk carton. Our first guest? Truman Show Delusion. Iā€™m the producer. Piss Dragons unite, the revolution is now.