Episode 16: Talonclaw


Wherein those damn Ross kids have a frank discussion about kinky two year-olds, falconry, and technological singularity.

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This podcast is extremely NSFW (not safe for work). You have been cautioned.

Suggested Talking Points:
Hey Dum Dum. Kinky 2 year olds. NO MORE BATS. Flame broiled Bumfights. Thesis. Kid exchange rate. Working the corner for grades and a Fresca. Jerky Spree. Kevin Bacon and the Invisible Micropenis. Three Story Cross. Touchdown Jesus and Robot God. Ghost rocks. Kittycicle. Goldfish drowned. A frank discussion about falconry. Synthetic hummingbirds. Gonorrhea Monsters and Day Drippers. The Bridge Theory and Genetic Hegemony. Circus Birth. I Love.