Duckfeed Update: March 11, 2016

Shirt Polls

We want to sell more shirts. In fact, we'd like to put up a new design each month. But it's hard to choose which design to put forward. That's why we decided to take our usual tactic and put out a poll. That's right, check out March's designs and vote on your favorite at our shirts page. The winner will go up on TeeSpring later in March.


We just added a new item to the Duckfeed Store: A random four-pack of postcards. We have lots of leftovers from the ones we send out to Patreon backers, and this is a way for you to get a booster pack of designs. Patreon backers: Only older designs (more than 3 months old) will end up in these packs, and the cards won't be signed/personalized.

Preorder Dark Souls III Through the Tip Jar

The header pretty much says it all. If you haven't preordered Dark Souls III or the strategy guide, please consider doing so through our Tip Jar link. It's a great way to help the network.

Recent Releases

Upcoming WOFF! Games:

  • Silent Hill 3
  • Portal / Portal 2
  • Warcraft III

Bonfireside Chat Offseason:

  • Titan Souls
  • Souls of Darkness / The Labyrinth
  • Shadow Tower: Abyss
  • Then it's time for Dark Souls III. Yes, indeed.