Duckfeed Update: June 24, 2016

Hex Crank Lives!

A while back, I had a short-lived blog about survival horror games called Hex Crank. It languished for a couple of years, and I felt really bad about that. So bad, that I decided to revive it.

You can find Hex Crank at its own dedicated site and even read the new article about Alone in the Dark. Which includes a video, and those will be a regular part of the whole thing going forward. Also, remember all those streams I announced here? You can find those there, too, as part of Hex Crank Live. I'm even covering a really rare game to celebrate: the elusive Rule of Rose.

I'm really proud of this, and I'd love if more people knew about it. So tell your friends, and come get spooked.

Join Us In Austin

Coming up, at the end of July, Gary and I will be coming to the Austin Classic Game fest to do a live show and hang out a booth. We'll have more details in the coming couple of weeks, but I wanted to remind you... It's at this website, and we'd love to see you.

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