Duckfeed Update: August 5, 2016

Sorry I was gone

Thanks for abiding my brief absence, since I was on vacation and THEN I was in Austin. The regular schedule will return.

Team Fortress 2 Server

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Watch Out for Fireballs, we've set up a Team Fortress 2 server for the community, and we're covering that game for our anniversary episode. Come and play with us! It's a great time.

One Year of Slack

Our Slack channel has been a wonderful development for the network, and it turns 1 year old today. To celebrate this, our Slack community members get a 30% discount on premium shows! See more details here.

Recent Releases

Monster in My Podcast

Upcoming WOFF! Games

  • Phantasy Star IV
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Toejam and Earl

Upcoming Bonfireside Chat Areas

  • Irithyll (Part 2)
  • Irithyll Dungeons / Profaned Capital