Level 7: The Banana Slice Secret

Kole, Ben, Dennis, and David talk about Journey's grammy nomination, Hotline: Miami, and the Perfect Banana Slicer.

The Brief

  • Dennis: Walking Dead First Person Shooter
  • Kole: Australia adds R+18 Rating for video games.
  • Ben: Journey nominated for a Grammy.
  • David: The War Z troubles.

The Grind

  • Kole: Hotline: Miami. The Binding of Isaac.
  • Ben: Hitman: Absolution. Dark Souls.
  • Denis: Double Dragon Neon. Little Big Planet 2. Wario Ware Smooth Moves. Bit.Trip Runner.
  • David: FTL. Dead Island.

The Multiplayer

  • 2013 Game Resolutions.

The End Boss

  • Kole: New X-Men and Walking Dead.
  • Dennis: Dark Souls, a Mac, and a mic.
  • David: A mouse and a gun.

Bonus Round:

  • The Forest for the Trees (Bad Amazon Reviews of Good Games)

Links of Note: