21. Hitting Me is Like Climbing a Mountain

Only real dumb dumbs punch, kids. 
Only real dumb dumbs punch, kids. 

Lots to like here! I love this pair of episodes, I like this weird direction for the show. First off, the season 2 theme music, which I really enjoy.

The music episode I mention is the first episode of Talk About Music, a side show I did that I'll probably put on my own personal site at some point. The first is a bit about violence in my life, which plays a really small part! Hooray!

In the middle, a song from an album that you can find on my site. Again: www.garybutterfield.net. If you like it, go grab it!

In the 2nd half, we have a really long bit about my feelings on religion/god. Take it or leave it! Some of my opinions on this have softened a little. I still don't believe at all but I deeply love some believers. Conflict! A weird episode for a season premeire but things get weirder next episode.