Episode Zero: Mostly About My Breasts


Here it is! Hello! You in the back, skootch closer. Don't be shy. This is the first episode on Dead Idea Valhalla to appear on the Duckfeed flock of podcasts. My name is Gary Butterfield and you probably know me as one half of Watch Out For Fireballs! In addition to WOFF! I do a whole shit ton of other stuff, including a wealth of past tense podcastery. That stuff lives at my site but because synergy is a business solution you can be proud of, the flagship show, Dead Idea Valhalla, lives here now!

Just what is Dead Idea Valhalla? Well, this episode is designed to tell you just that! Don't be so god damned impatient. Back to the desk in the back, Sherman. Just kidding. It's a comedy/therapy/musical variety show about my life and my slow decent into madness. It features rants, sketches, recurring characters and guest spots. In fact, this first episode might feature an old friend from this very network. But I'm not telling! Give it a listen!

A special thanks to Kole Ross and Jon Wolff for lending their talents, vocal and otherwise.