The New New Site!

A New Beginning

I don't want the Duckfeed blog to be ignored anymore. Either by myself, or by viewers. You're here for audio blogs, or "pod-casts", but it'd be cool if this site could be informative and stuff, too.


We recently underwent a huge upgrade to Squarespace 6 (blatant plug), which has allowed me to do all kinds of neat stuff... Except make more than the 20 most recent episodes available on iTunes. Sorry about that.

With as easy as this new platform has made it to make sexy things (and to make things sexy), I want to take advantage of that.

What to Expect

So, what does this mean? You can expect to see updates about the site, conversation prompts, interesting news items related to our shows... All of that. The lower the effort, the more likely I'll be to post it.


Unless I run out of steam. However, having this posted on the front page will spur me into action.