I am the Backlog Killer

To all the new readers who are finding my new home on Duckfeed.tv, welcome, and to those who have followed me from my involuntarily closed Google account, thanks for returning. I have been remiss in my writing and posting all over the place, not only this blog, but I am thankful to be back and have such a gracious host as Duckfeed. Kole was kind enough to vacuum all of my entries up before Google closed my account so feel free to peruse them.

What is the Backlog Killer all about? It’s very simple. I was depressed a few years ago for reasons I won’t go into, but I ended up purchasing and amassing tons of games that I have never played or even installed. My goal is to go back through these games, play them until I finish or get tired of them, and write about them and what they mean to me. As simple as it sounds, I was hoping to tie the meanings of the games into my own life experiences and discuss them from a different angle. I began very successfully, but eventually fell into the trap of simply explaining what I was doing rather than what the games actually mean. I hope this will rectify that.

I can already hear you yelling your questions at the screen; “But how often will you update?! I have to know!” Calm down, I’ll update as often as I can and as long as I have something meaningful to say. I’m a working man with a wife and a car who is a real man’s man and I may not post as often as you want to read about nerdy video game stuff. Not to worry, I usually post entries two to three times each month. My goal is to post substance and not just content about what I’m doing.

As for what game I’ll be playing, I began playing STALKER: Call of Pripyat in my last post, but I am going to start completely over with my new home. I was trying to get into The Witcher, but I really feel like I need to follow my heart and play what comes naturally. This time, that turns out to be Red Dead Redemption which I have been hitting hard the last week or so. After that? We will just have to wait and see.

Thanks again to Kole for helping me re-launch my blog since I think it can really reach some unusual ideas and topics that may go otherwise uncovered. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @backlogkiller and post any comments… if there are comments down there, to add to the discussion. I like to write, but I’m also an ideas man; I thrive on enthusiasm. That was from a little movie called Wedding Crashers. Thanks everyone.