Guess Who's Back?

After returning from his great adventures, the hero suffers begrudging repose lying in his cold and un-insulated home. Returning from the foreign land where he was praised as a hero to the mundane world where he is simply a wage worker trying to get by. How can he continue to work day to day when he has experienced the thrill of combat, the riches of plunder, and the rewards of completing the ultimate quest?! The call has come. It is time to re-enter the fray. The Backlog Killer is back.

Well hello again. I’ve been pretty bad but also quite happy recently. I lost interest in playing games for the blog during Bastion. I still haven’t finished it, in fact. But I wanted to continue playing and writing since I do not have any other creative outputs other than this one. Will I be finishing Bastion? No. I did not care for it that much and was a little disappointed with how I felt about it. Maybe I had built it up a little too much but I thought it was a little grindy and boring.

What will I be returning with? Well, let me tell you if you couldn’t guess from the introductory paragraph: Ultima 5 is next. I can’t wait to get into this one since I still think about finishing Ultima 4 regularly and the fact that I thought I would NEVER be able to. I have the same plans for the fifth part and have high hopes as I think it is regularly underrated around the innovation of 4, the new look of 6, and the brilliant 7th installment. I hope I can get some good gameplay out of it, some good writing, and I also just generally hope I can transfer the save games between home and work so I can play during lunch.

Stay tuned for the first write up which will be appearing sometime in the next few weeks. I haven’t abandoned my previous goals and format, but I do want to be easier on myself and be more flexible in general. I still have the savegame from Hal in Ultima 4 and look forward to putting him back in action, just as I am the blog, very soon.

--Backlog Killer