Interlude - The Next Game

Before putting my thoughts about the story of Braid out there, I've decided to release the name of the next game I'll be playing. I appreciate the comments about Braid and I look forward to hearing any more you may have. It really is a good game but has some flaws that make me very ambivalent. Hearing arguments from both sides would be great!

Anyway, as for the next game, I don't know what it is. I have recompiled my list of games based on my experience doing the blog and have removed some games I do not think will make good entries. On the other hand, I have bought a few new games as recently as the newest Humble Bundle that you can see. The list is now a Google document that can be changed at any time.

Check it out!

I will now use the online random number generator to choose the next game which is...

Number 44! STALKER: Call of Pripyat. This is another serendipitous occasion as I was just thinking about playing the game again and was actually considering it for the Player's Choice that ended up being Braid.

Join me next time when I will talk about my opinion regarding the strengths and flaws of Braid's story. While preparing that, I will try to get STALKER going with just a few mods because, let me tell you, the game is gorgeous. See you next time!

--Backlog Killer