A Tragic Mistake

Well, readers, I've really screwed the pooch on this one. I will not be finishing Ultima 4. It turns out I have two copies of the game on this machine: one installed on the hard drive, the other on a flash drive I had used for testing on different computers. It turns out the game I was playing was on the flash drive and not the hard drive. After deleting the contents of said flash drive (thinking it was safely on the hard disk) to copy documents for a friend, everything was lost. It is not in the recycle bin. All of my progress, characters, stones, virtues, boats, all gone. I will not be able to finish the game and I am severely disappointed. I was going to win on my next play session and now I will probably never complete the game. What a shame.

More to follow later.

--Backlog Killer

Edit: I have decided to start over using my existing notes. Although annoying and frustrating, it is going well and should take half as much time as it originally did. Wish me luck.