Rules Update

Playing through my backlog has been a satisfying experience that has given me the opportunity to write more and finally get around to playing many of those old games that have been lying around. Unfortunately, I can see it getting a little tedious if I don’t break it up into games that may fit better with the rhythm of the blog. In other words, I am going to change the rules a little bit. I am still going to do some random picks, but I want to play every-other game handpicked so I can keep my motivation up as well as play something I have really been looking forward to. I will treat Gabriel Knight as my handpicked game and do the standard random drawing for the next.

I am worried about drawing two games in a row that may cause the blog to stagnate as well as sabotage my interest. Two lengthy RPGs in a row may turn into disaster after marathon gaming sessions just as two FPS games in a row may not provide enough content to write about. I am currently having this problem with Gabriel Knight since I cannot take screenshots and I hate to completely spoil something where the puzzles are secondary to the story. Currently on Day 4 of Sins of the Fathers, I think I am almost half way through so a drawing will be coming soon.

Just a short announcement since I have not had time to do much writing recently. I hope to do some more articles about games in general instead of directly about a specific game since those allow a little more material to consider. I got a great response to the ‘motivational’ article and I am very happy about that. If you found that interesting, I heartily suggest you check out other materials from the writer I mentioned – Merlin Mann. Also, if there are any games you would like to see covered, feel free to send those in as well. Sorry for the short update, but I want to keep everyone filled in with the direction the blog is taking.

--Backlog Killer