Explanation and Announcement

The explanation and announcement are not related in any way, but both are very important. I apologize for the lack of updates recently. These weeks have been EXTREMELY busy and I have had literally no “down time” to do anything unscheduled since last week. Although this is sad and pathetic, it is what it is. I have had no time to type anything including other pieces that have wasted away. Hopefully,  the coming weeks will provide some more calm and time to complete other projects I have laying around. I have an approaching vacation to Thailand that I am very excited about as well as some extra annual leave days that I may use to break up the monotony of my schedule.

As for the announcement… well it’s a little anti-climactic. I am just going to announce that I may have something to announce later. I hope that everything works out and that the blog can continue and expand in other ways. I’ll keep you clued in. I am not shutting up shop by any means.

Gabriel Knight

Gabriel Knight is almost finished. I should have completed it over a week ago, but I had no time as I mentioned earlier. I hope to finish it in the next few days and write a little about why I consider it to be one of the best of the “classic” Sierra games vis-à-vis those made before the move to a single contextual cursor as seen in Phantasmagoria or Gabriel Knight 2. Not to mention that it is one of my favorite adventure games of all time.

If you are thinking of getting it, I heartily suggest you do and play it. Friends of the blog, Kole and Gary, will be discussing it next week on Watch Out for Fireballs and I cannot wait to see their take on it considering it is the first time through for one of them.

Next Game

You will never believe what happened, and this is the honest to God truth. Because of the nature of the games I have played through, I wanted to go back to a really old game that can be bounced around and played in fits and bursts. I had one in mind that was not on the list, but part of a series that IS on the list that I wanted to go back and play. I was greeted with this generated number:

Now number 20 says ‘Ultima 6 & 7’ on the list, but I have wanted to actually complete Ultima 4 for months since I only made it halfway through while playing during my depressed period. I will now take that opportunity. This is entirely kismet as I have been dipping my toes into it over the last few weeks and have slid well into what I had completed before. Now I have an excuse to finish it. Although, it is possible to massage the number to just choose it, I would never do that to you, dear readers. I am absolutely thrilled about this and cannot wait to get started!

Sorry for the big gap in posts and I hope you all will bear with me. See you next time when I wrap up Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and begin Ultima 4.

--Backlog Killer