Quick Update

Hello fellow backlog killers,

I know it’s been pretty long since my last update. Don’t worry! I’ll be following up soon with (hopefully) significant progress in Psychonauts. I’ve gotten into the swing of it and what to expect so it’s become easier for me to play. That’s not to say that I necessarily am suddenly enamored with platformers, but I am enjoying myself significantly more than I was before. Keep an eye out for that.

Also, I know I based this whole blog around chipping away at my sizable backlog and not moving forward until I finished it… but I’m still a guy who loves games. I’ve added a few titles that will be on the list after Psychonauts is done. GOG.com just added the entire Quest for Glory series a few weeks ago that I picked up, and I am also thinking about picking up Legend of Grimrock to scratch that OCD dungeon crawler itch. The point is to remain in control of purchases and this is well within these bounds, considering it’s the second and would be third pieces of software I have purchased this year. It’s even more understandable after hearing the sad news that Bioshock: Infinite has been delayed until early next year.

These have been busy weeks in terms of work and social engagements. In my free time I’m splitting most of my gaming time between playing Starcraft 2 with my friend and playing Psychonauts by myself.  Hopefully I can start to get in more than an hour every two or three days.

--Backlog Killer