Watch Out for Fireballs - Torment

Hey guys, just a quick update to post a link and a thank you to Gary and Kole over at the Watch Out for Fireballs podcast that I played Planescape: Torment in tandem. If you didn't read about it before, it's a retro video games podcast that is similar to a book of the month club, but it happens twice a month! This episode talks about the first half of Planescape (up to the Clerk's Ward) and touches on a lot of great topics. Be sure to listen to it and the conclusion that will come out in a few weeks.

You can also join their Facebook page that I post on regularly and check out other good shows on Stand Under the Don't Tree and Riddle Me This is a modern games podcast that takes the form of friendly discussion. Those Damn Ross Kids is a humor program that Kole does with his brother in which they discuss funny news stories and riff on them. If you like My Brother, My Brother, and Me, you will probably like this as it's a similar concept except with news instead of Yahoo!Answers advice.

I'd also like to thank Kole and Gary for using the blog as a reference and, hopefully, getting more people to come. I think my insight may be pretty commonplace, but I sincerely appreciate the 'shout out'. I'm also proud of my analysis of meta-game as representation of life after depression, I did feel good about that one. ;]

--Backlog Killer