Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Well, as with all technology, I’ve encountered a bit of a snag for the publication of the next blog post. Our modem got unplugged momentarily to be switched with a hair dryer. It took affront to this and decided to stop working. Every time I turn the thing on it just flashes lights angrily and refuses to surf the World Wide Web. Looks like we need to call the cable company and get it replaced.

What this means is that I can still play Planescape (and I am) and write the blog entries,  but I can’t post them except from work. This leads to another problem in that I cannot Dropbox the screencaps to my work computer to be published. Ouch. So, I’m still writing the entries and annotating the captions and screen shots, but I won’t be able to post them for several days.

Silver lining.

On the bright side, act 2 of Planescape has taken off like a rocket and I love it again. Lots of revelations have come around and it’s starting to wind up into the climactic third act. You’ll be along for this as well! It also means it’s starting to come to the end and I can start planning my next game. I have decided to use the list I posted on pastebin with line numbers as a reference. Plug in the random integer function on excel and out pops…

Drumroll: (Lots went over the range, too lazy for nesting)

Cross-referencing back to pastebin we find that 47 is Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis! I’ve been looking forward to this one after I played the Lovecraft themed Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened which I recommend to any graphic adventure fans.

[This is what’s coming next. Good changeup.]

Nemesis tells the story of master thief Arsene Lupin in a calculated game against Sherlock Holmes. Planned thefts take you all over London as you attempt to stop these robberies before they occur. It is a fully first person 3D graphic adventure with themes of exploration and logic. Thankfully, there is not too much of the Adventure game kind. You gather items and information, combine them, and use them to solve puzzles. Brilliant!

One disclaimer: I remember attempting to play this game several years ago when it came out and getting crazy motion sickness. This is insane as I used to play FPSs almost compulsively in college (Thanks Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) with no problems. Hopefully I’ve gotten over it or the television will help by not sitting too close. Anyway, there it is, and look forward to the next update about the Nameless One where things are really starting to pop off.

--Backlog Killer