3.5 - In the Mean Time

3.5 - In the Mean Time

Hey guys. It's been a while since my last blog so I just wanted to post a quick one to let you know it's not abandoned already. This work week has been pretty tough and then an impromptu trip to Macau for a fight night happened which is pretty unlike me. It was good fun though: did some gambling, saw guys beat each other up, and spent some time with the wife. Now it's time to buckle down and get back into it... after Valentine's Day, that is.

Off the Record

As for Planescape content, I have just finished converting to a mage. This whole sequence was a fetch quest line that lasted about fifteen minutes and really had no purpose other than to comment on itself, which is pretty clever. Basically, this witch would give me a task to go to the market, I would go, and then I would come back. Three times. During this whole time my character had dialogue options that became increasingly annoyed. I didn't take these, but they were there. This is also the first game I've seen that comments on itself, even though another future Black Isle project (Icewind Dale 2) also did the same thing. I tried to find a screenshot of this but was unsuccessful. Here's one from PS:T where he's reiterating all the steps he took. I didn't choose the option to complain.

[Hey guys, what's the deal with all these tropes? (Seinfeld Slap Bass)]

Now that I'm a mage, I hope to show some delightful spell effects that were pretty incredible for the time. Lots of them combine full motion video with the in game engine to produce really clever effects. More to follow on that. I'll just say that it is pretty reminiscent of later Final Fantasy games with summoning powers.

More to follow in a few days. Now I'm off to cook dinner and do all that stuff.

--Backlog Killer