Side Path: Forsooth! Projects That Almost Were and Will Be

Gary Butterfield here,'s resident bad boy. I'm taking a break from my cheap podcasting series (are you guys into that? Should I keep doing it?)to talk about a project I was gonna launch in September but that is going on the back burner due to time issues.

We do a lot of stuff here at because if we stop, we'll die. However, both of us have lives outside of the podworld. I have a lovely girlfriend, I'm a full time college man (Gooooooo Mascots!) and I work part time. And I do four shows on the network and a blog, including the live stream each month. All of those shows necessitate playing games in addition to getting on mic and making dumb jokes so it adds up to a major time commitment. I'm not saying this whine, I'm just trying to explain why I am going to put off launching my next "personal" pod project.

See, I love doing our game related shows but I sometimes thirst for a more singular show. That's why I started Pilot Season and the above is the reason it ultimately lived a very short time. I was thinking that something easier to edit might be more doable. Enter: Crying in the Bathroom.

Crying in the Bathroom was meant to be/will eventually be me talking to people about their worst jobs. Half hour long, goofs and commiseration about capitalism. I got as far as recording a theme song (which will be on the 2nd Super Mario Lab album) and recording a pilot with Brayton but honestly, I just don't know when I'd get it done.

And I really want to do it! There's almost nothing I like more than commiserating about work. I hate work. I'm not afraid to say it. And clearly, I love doing work on my own stuff (see above) I just hate doing work for other people. I just hate it. Every time I've worked in an office and someone asks me to transcribe some data into excel or update some material, my insinct is to say, "Hey, we're both adults. You don't get to ask me to do stuff like that."

I know this is silly. Before you call me a big baby, know that I'm calling myself a big baby a thousand times over. But I don't find much dignity in that kind of work. So shitty jobs, retail nightmares, affect me really deeply. And it's a shared experience and my theory is that everyone, on some level, really resents this shit and would love to talk about it.

So, look for that when they make a 27 hour day. This blog entry serves as a copyright as I have mailed it to myself, so don't steal my idea. If you want to see that show, let me know! And if I find the time to do it, let me know if you want to be on it. I more or less just want to get the biggest sample set for my theory. And that theory is that most jobs are trash.