More on Notes

Kole here.

Each game we cover for our shows requires something different of our notes. People seem to respond positively to the thoroughness with which we cover the games we talk about. Whether it's something in the Souls series for Bonfireside Chat, or different games for WOFF!, each episode relies upon an outline... and that outline begins with some notes I've taken.

I wrote before about how I've taken notes in audio... and how I've transcribed my outlines from hand written notebooks. In the time since I've last broached this topic, I've moved towards taking my notes on my laptop... because editing and manipulating text in BBEdit is much faster than transcribing my chicken scratch from a notebook.

HOWEVER, playing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has shaken me out of my all-type habits. As a portable game, the best place to play it is in bed, or on the couch... two places where it's hard to jump into a text editor. As such, I played 999 with a Field Notes notebook and a Space Pen in hand, writing upside down from the comfort of my repose.

Transcribing these notes was a pain, but it was less of a hassle thanks to a new app that I've discovered: Microsoft Office Lens. This is an iPhone app that lets you take a picture of a document, and then it performs a quick series of optimizations to crop and angle your photo so it's presented with the best contrast and perspective possible. This app is a god-send, and I'd recommend it even if it weren't free. I was able to snap photographs of my notebook and transcribe them without fighting against how crappy the written word looks when you take a picture of it.

What you'll see in the gallery below is photos of my notes from my 999 play sessions. Please don't look at this if you are averse to:

  1. Spoilers for the very interesting game "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors"/
  2. Small slivers of my gross fingers.
  3. Very rudimentary arithmetic errors.
  4. Terrible handrwriting, because I was writing upside down while in bed.